Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF
Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF
Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF
Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF
Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF
Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF


Avionaut Aerofix 2.0 RWF

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STOCK DUE MID DECEMBER 2023 in all colours 

AeroFIX 2.0 RWF is a child safety seat with a carrying capacity from 0 to 17.5 kg and which can be installed rearward facing

AeroFIX 2.0 – the New Look 2022 line

AeroFIX 2.0 is a new colour version of Aerofix which is valued by parents. The seats have
been finished with high-quality upholstery, which improves travel comfort for your Little
Passenger. The material the seat is made of is highly resistant to physical and chemical
action. The child seat is made of Memory Foam, which absorbs the force of impact at themoment of collision, effectively protecting the child from the negative effects of the impact.
As a result, the seat ensures increased protection for the baby's neck and head, whereas
thanks to an additional bumper, it increases safety during a side impact. The level of
protection it guarantees is confirmed by the latest European ECE safety approval R-129
(i-Size), as well as numerous tests conducted in independent laboratories.

An adjustable headrest and internal straps allow for precise adaptation of the seat to the child's height. It is not without reason that the car seats have been certified by AGR, theGerman association for a healthy spine. What the organisation's committee recognised as adistinctive feature of the AeroFIX seat is the option of fine-tuning it to adapt to the child'sbody structure by adjusting the height of the headrest and straps as well as by changing the seat angle. This allows the child to assume a more resting position, which prevents its head from dropping and enables peaceful, safe sleep during the journey.

Ventilation channels guarantee efficient air circulation, which reduces the baby's perspiration.
Thanks to the AeroFIX car seat by the Polish brand Avionaut, you will increase the
level of comfort and, above all, the safety of your child during car travel.
Mounting orientation: RWF 
Mounting method: ISOFIX IQ
I-Size standard: Yes
Safety approval: ECE R129
Tests: AGR Certificate
Adjustable to resting position: Yes
Removable upholstery: Yes
Harness height adjustment: Yes
Modular system: Yes
Additional side protection: Yes
Warranty: 2 years (extendable to 10 years)
Post-accident replacement: 2 years
The AeroFIX RWF 2.0 is a child safety seat that proves that rearward-facing travel can
not only be safe but also comfortable.