BeSafe iZi Plus X1


BeSafe iZi Plus X1

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Rear facing safety and comfort for the smallest to the tallest toddler
The BeSafe iZi Plus X1 is not only built on 30 years of experience with rear facing child
car seats - it is also the successor of the highly popular iZi Plus. Optimized for rear
facing safety, iZi Plus X1 lasts up to approx. 5 years of age and fits into many cars, as it
does not require ISOfix. Its two new features add even more safety and comfort:

The newest generation of additional side impact protection (SIP+)
*adds up to an 20% more safety in a
side impact

*reduces distance to the door and
works like a crumple zone

* easily attached to the seat side
that’s facing the door

The newest generation of body hugger
*gives especially small children extra

*special foam inserts for added

*makes an early transition into the
seat easier


Outstanding Safety
» Allows rear facing up to approx. the age of 5
» Always 5x safer by being rear facing only
» Plus Test approved
» Built-in Side Impact Protection (SIP) in the seat shell and head rest
» Additional Side Impact Protection (SIP+) with a new attachment mechanism

Extra Longevity
» Grows with the child up to approx. 5 years
» Extra-padded body hugger allows for early usage
» Great leg space for older children
» Machine-washable textile cover

Greatest Comfort
» Soft body hugger for stability and support
» Partially-hovering installation option for great recline
» Adjustable leg space
» High quality materials
» Smart access magnets for easily getting the child in and out
» Three built-in recline positions accessible after installation
» Belts automatically adjust in height together with the headrest
» High sitting position in the car for a great view