Did you know that 1 in 3 children are using an inappropriate or incorrectly fitted seat or no seat at all?

These are the kind of statistics which we can help you avoid by ensuring anyone who cares for children have the right tools and information available.

We know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to child safety as not all car seats fit all cars and every child or situation is unique and so you need a more tailored approach when car seat shopping!

With this in mind, choosing you child’s car seat can seem quite daunting when you’re faced with so many options all claiming to be safe.

Car Seat Fitting

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and other areas within a reasonable distance


Visit us
  • Check Existing Seats
  • Advise on Potential Seats
  • Configuration Options
  • Reinstall Purchased Seats
Feel like you could do with having some of the finer details checked because you've had the car seat installed for a while, passed down from a sibling, or refitted in a different vehicle? Or maybe you’re not sure whether the seat is still the best option for your child, especially if they’ve been using it for a while


  • Install Seats Purchased Elsewhere
If you’ve already made your decision and have purchased a seat from elsewhere then I can install it in your car following a compatibility check. After installing the seat, we will go through a step by step demonstration to ensure you are confident in fitting it yourself.

What Our Services Include

Show Room

Visit our Car Seat Ninja premises and see our on-site showroom featuring a wide selection of seats and accessories

Home Visit

We will come to your house to carry out the services, within our sevice area

Car Compatibility

We will make sure the seat you have appears on the manufacturers approved list where applicable, or visually check whether the car seat is suitable for the vehicle it's installed in

Harness Height and Fit

After sitting you child in the seat, we will check the harness is sitting at the correct height and make an necessary adjustments

Inserts adjustment

If your seat is multi stage, it may have inserts which need removing or adjusting as your child grows. We will make sure they're using the correct ones

Weight Measurement

We can weigh and measure your child to help us ensure the car seat is suitable

Remaining use Estimation

Based on your child's current measurements we can give an indication as to how much longer the seat may last them

Next Stage Options

If your child is reaching the end of their current stage of car seat, we will suggest which type of seat you need to look for next

Free Car Seat Advice

With so much conflicting information around it can be easy to feel a bit overwhelmed.

It is our aim to help you find the safest solution for transporting your children

New Parents

Baby on the way but unsure what the best option would be?


Not sure whether the seat is still the best option for your child, especially if they’ve been using it for a while


Have you expanded your family and need to fit multiple seats in the car? We can help find the best configuration.

We are happy to offer free advice on any query big or small so don’t be afraid to ask

Tel: 07542 849230