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Avionaut Aerofix RWF 2.0 C

Avionaut Aerofix RWF 2.0 C

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AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C

The AeroFIX RWF 2.0 C child seat means five times more safety for your child – due to rearward-facing installation! Crash tests and statistics, especially in the Scandinavian countries where the RWF is the most popular type of car seat, clearly confirm this.

For whom: for children weighing up to 17.5 kg and between 67 and 105 cm

The AeroFIX 2.0 has an additional bumper for extra safety in the event of a side impact, and the headrest features Cloud Care, made from memory foam, for comfort and extra protection for the toddler's head. 

The AeroFIX 2.0 C can be perfectly adjusted to your child's height and needs – up to the age of 4! The seat has adjustable straps and headrest. Thanks to this well-thought-out design, it has been certified by AGR, a German Association for a Healthy Back. This means that it will not only provide children with comfort and safety when riding, but also support the health of their spine. 

This seat is the follow on model after the Pixel PRO 2.0 C or Cosmo – it is installed on the same Isofix IQ 2.0 C base.

Colour variety: navy blue, black, grey, beige, pink, mint and the new (baby/light?) blue!

The upholstery is removable for easy cleaning.

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