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Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart - PRE ORDER

Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart - PRE ORDER

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The Avionaut Cosmo 2.0 Smart car seat combines comfort, safety, and an attractive price, all with the youngest passengers in mind.

Thanks to the use of economical solutions, the Cosmo 2.0 ensures the highest standards without resorting to pushing the budget 


Comfort for the child and the parent:
● The car seat, weighing 3.2 kg, ensures ease of use on a daily basis.
● The insert guarantees the correct positioning of the baby.
● The independent canopy protects against sunlight.
● It fits most strollers available on the market.
● Compatible models:

Avionaut Isofix IQ 2.0 C
Avionaut Isofix Dock 2


A few details:
Intended use: Infants
Weight: 0-13 kg
Height: 40-87 cm
Installation method: Isofix, seat belts
Installation direction: Rearward-facing (RWF)
Removable upholstery: Yes
Newborn insert: Yes
Height adjustment of the harness: Yes
Warranty: 2 years
- with the possibility of extension to 10 years
*after purchase registration
Accident replacement: 2 years
Standard: R129
Weight of the car seat: 3.2 kg

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