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BeSafe Beyond Base - PRE ORDER

BeSafe Beyond Base - PRE ORDER

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The Beyond base makes it super easy to install your Beyond seat by clicking the
ISOfix arms on the base into the ISOfix attachment points in your car. Fits all BeSafe
Beyond car seats, both infant and toddler seat. It is extremely lightweight, yet still
beyond durable as the materials we have used in the construction can hold and
protect a child up to 125 cm and 22 kg in a crash. This base has a rotation fuction
allowing you to rotate the seat towards the car door for easy access. It also has a
"spirit level" that makes it possible to always install the seat with the correct and
comfortable angle, independent on the angle of the car interior seat.

State of the art safety
• Use with all seats of the Beyond car seat system from 40 to 125 cm and up to
22 kg
• Unique materials and revolutionary construction for a robust yet lightweight
• Two-action buttons for ISOfix release for additional safety
• Visual indicators providing feedback about correct installation.
• Smart blocking mechanism prevents early forward facing.
• Allows your child to travel rear facing (five times safer) until they are around 6
years old.
Unique features for everyday flexibility
• Rotation function for easy access and ergonomic handling for the parent
• Install your Beyond seat with only one click on the base.
• Easily accessible release handle for removing the seat from the base.
• For easier handling, the ISOfix arms can be extended one side at a time and
do not retract by themselves until connected to the car.
• Lightweight design and simple installation make it easy to move the base
between cars.
• Universal Level Technology™ for the best seating angle in any car
• Adjustable leg space for toddlers in combination with the Beyond toddler seat
Washing instructions
Clean with a damp cloth and mild detergent.
With nature

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