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Joie i-Spin Safe

Joie i-Spin Safe

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Meet i-Spin Safe, twice tested tough with one terrific spin. Both i-Size and Swedish Plus Test certified, proving it’s the ultimate all-around protective package!

i-Size certified - both your kiddo and your mind can rest secure, with i-Size safety upgrades like side-impact certification and ISOFIX-only installation, proven by the most up-to-date safety tests around.

Swedish Plus Test certified - your kiddo’s ride is confirmed safer than safe by the Swedish Plus Test, which combines high travel speeds with rapid deceleration to create the greatest g-forces of any car seat crash test. Given its severity, only a select number of car seats have even passed it!

Rearward-facing required - there’s no back and forth on these facts, rearward facing seats protect weak, undeveloped necks more than forward facing seats. When a child rides rearward, the car seat absorbs crash impact, cocooning fragile bodies and drastically reducing risk of neck injury.

90º Simple Swivel - positioned where you naturally reach, the one-hand Simple Swivel™ creates a silky smooth 90º spin that turns your kiddo towards you during buckle-up and back again to a safely rearward ride.

Proactive protect - there's safety on all sides, with Guard Surround Safety™ side impact protection panels that automatically lock outward when the harness is tightened and absorb force during a crash.

Side impact protection - ensure every adventure stays on the safe side with exclusive Tri-Protect™ headrest featuring Intelli-Fit™ memory foam that’s designed for optimal security.

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