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Tinyseats TWO - PRE ORDER

Tinyseats TWO - PRE ORDER

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Pre Order - next batch due end of April 2024


"TinySeats stands at the forefront of innovation and quality in car seat solutions, prioritizing not only comfort but, most importantly, safety. Our commitment to child safety is unwavering, reflected in our dedication to creating flexible, safe, and sustainable car seats for children.At TinySeats, our approach to car seat design revolves around three key principles: ease of installation, flexibility, and sustainability. We understand the importance of making the installation process hassle-free for parents while ensuring the utmost safety for their little ones. Moreover, our focus on flexibility allows our car seats to adapt to different stages of a child's growth, providing long-lasting value for families. Our car seats are designed with longevity in mind, encouraging long-term use to minimize environmental impact.One of the hallmarks of TinySeats are our unique features, including convertible and foldable designs. These innovative features not only enhance convenience but also prioritize safety, such as our emphasis on rear-facing travel for optimal protection"


TinySeats Two – Compact and versatile


TinySeats Two is developed based on the needs of an active family and stands for a revolutionary way of thinking about child car seats. Families with children today use the car for more than just commuting and going on trips together. You drive children and their friends to activities, you shop in the outer city center and you can bring colleagues or commuting companions with you during the day. For it to work, the car has to be flexible and a fixed car seat can be a problem.

TinySeats Two are designed to be easy and safe to install and have Isofix mounting. The chair maintains a high level of safety with a high-mounted support leg, built-in side impact protection and a strong headrest. Our concept is based on the chair being compact and easy to move between different cars. TinySeats Two can easily be lent to grandparents or stowed away in the boot if you have other adults with you. All while maintaining safety.

TinySeats Two is easy to carry. It fits into a bag and can easily be checked in on a plane or taken on a train. Once at your destination, you can rest assured that you have a safe car seat to use.


For Active Parents

All parents look first and foremost to the safety of the children and TinySeats Two delivers a high level of safety. The sturdy design and the Isofix installation means that you can be sure that the child is sitting properly.

TinySeats Two can be used for children from one year up to ten years. Instead of buying two or three different chairs, one can be used all the time, which makes it relatively cheap. It is also easy to handle and install, which means that there is no need for a permanently installed seat in each car, but the seat is easily moved between them.

TinySeats Two unique advantages are suitable for a family with an active life where the car is used in many different contexts. Regardless of what the car is needed for, it can be quickly and easily adapted so that the entire car is available.


In the Company Car

For those who use the car at work, a permanently installed car seat quickly becomes a problem. If you are going to bring customers or colleagues with you, you want them to be able to sit comfortably and not have to be squeezed between child car seats. TinySeats Two can be easily and quickly removed so that the entire car compartment becomes accessible. Removed and folded, the chair can easily fit in the boot.


For Grandparents

Being available and being able to help your children and grandchildren is a strong driving force for many older people. With a TinySeats Two stowed away in the boot it can be pulled in at short notice and set up regardless of whether it is a one-year-old or a nine-year-old who needs to be picked up.



  • iSize approved according to ECE R129
  • Rear-facing car seat approved up to 23kg/125cm (six years)
  • Can be used as a high backed booster seat up to 135 cm.
  • Mounted with rear facing Isofix and together with the car's seat belt as a booster seat
  • Weighs under 10 kg - among the lightest Isofix seats on the market.
  • Reinforced Side Impact Protection
  • Ventillation in the backrest
  • Washable and replaceable upholstery
  • Foldable
  • 2 year warranty
  • Midnight grey colour



  • Folded: 28H x 43W x 51D cm

  • Seat depth: 32 cm

  • Seat Wdith: 30cm

  • Backrest: 46 – 60 cm

  • Comes with insert for small children, no base required

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